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    About Us

    Seahorse Amelia Vacation Rentals handles everything from marketing to guest acquisition to flipping your unit and everything in between. We can help you earn more from your property and keep your peace of mind!

    Seahorse Amelia Vacations

    is a boutique vacation rental company that allows a one on one approach in dealing with the homeowner as well as the renter. Seahorse Amelia Vacations offers a variety of services that best meets your needs. Our goal is to maximize the most of your property also allowing guests to set memories for years to come!

    Over 35 combined years

    experience in the vacation rental industry as well as the hospitality industry, our goal is be proactive through the entire rental process and anticipate the expectations our owners and guest’s needs. Seahorse Amelia Vacations handles everything so that you the owner will have peace of mind. Communication is the key to our business success!

    Services We Provide

    Vacation Rental Program:

    Seahorse Amelia Vacations offers a full turn-key program. Owner’s will feel at ease and know that your property is taken care of with Seahorse Amelia Vacations managing. Seahorse Amelia Vacations makes sure that all permits are up to date as well as all taxes are reported on our owner’s behalf. Monthly homeowner statements are sent out on the 10th of each month. Professional pictures are taken of your property to enhance marketing on all social media sites. Property is walked prior to arrival and also after guests’ departure. This procedure has proven to make our units successful! Seahorse Amelia Vacations is on call 24/7 for emergencies.


    One of the most important items in a guest’s stay is the cleanliness of their unit. Housekeeping is the success to any vacation rental property. With Seahorse Amelia Vacations we take great pride in making sure our units are equipped with what the guests will need during their stay as well as making sure it is cleaned to our standards. Paper products, laundry detergent, hand soaps, and due to covid-19 we supply hand sanitizer along with disinfectant at no cost to our owners. Our housekeepers are given a check list that must be signed and completed after each clean, this helps with any issues that arise also helps the housekeeper as a reminder of all the items that are to be completed while cleaning. To learn more please call us at 904-755-2709 or email us at: 

    Second Home Services:

    For those absentee owner’s that want to have peace of mind, our second home service is for you. This program is set up to allow weekly, bi-weekly and monthly walk throughs of your property. If any issues arise, owners will be called on the spot as well as photos for documentation. Seahorse Amelia Vacations will also coordinate housekeeping, maintenance, and meeting with any insurance adjusters should an owner need. To learn more please call us at 904-755-2709 or email us at: 

    It’s more than just renting

    We strive to bring out the utmost value of your property, so that you can relax while we work.

    We put money in your pocket

    Because we have experience managing properties, we can help you decide where to buy for the best investment return. It’s simple, we clone success and take you to the areas that are getting the best results for our investors.

    Tools cost money:

    We use corporate tools with a personal touch. We use technology for noise control, dynamic pricing, online booking, management, customer service and more. As we said before, the same tools would cost $2,000 each month.

    People cost money:

    A vacation rental still needs people, it needs cleaners, maintenance personnel, contractors, electricians, and more. With our services, it gets us better rates and lower costs overall.

    Trust but verify:

    We provide easy to understand reporting on your bookings and income by using Trust Accounting to ensure your rental income safe.

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    How We Market Your Properties

    We have a way of putting a creative edge to the resources we use.

    Our Focus Is To Make Sure You're In The Right Hands

      For an owner or guests that wish to have special arrangements prior to arrival. We will be happy to accommodate. To learn more please call us at 904-755-2709 or email us at:

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